Why order with us?

Here At Thailandos, We Value Your Needs

Our specialists work to meet any special requests you may have to make your holiday truly memorable. With us, you can make hotel booking requests, including such as smoking/non-smoking rooms, a high- or low-floor room, a room away from elevators, early or late check-in, and bed preference. 

When the room or room type you wish to book has already been reserved, our travel experts can contact the hotel directly and investigate whether it is still possible to get a reservation of your desired room.

Here at Thailandos, we can guarantee your requests before you arrive in the country. 

Why order with us?

Family Comes First.

When travelling with small children, hotels may ask you to book two separate rooms. However, our travel specialists can help you find a workaround that would allow you to “bend” hotel room capacity and allow your entire family to stay in one room. 

Additionally, Thailand can ensure that you get a room that fits you perfectly. This means your room will be equipped with extra beds or a baby cot should you need it during your stay. WE will also guarantee that you do not have to pay for anything extra during the check-in procedure.

Why order with us?

For Real People. By Real People. 

While exploration and travel experiences are often associated with places, at the very heart of memorable experiences are the people. At Thailandos, we put person-to-person experience at the very core of our mission. This means we bring real people to help you with your problems, whether selecting a place to visit or choosing a hotel. We are here for you every step of the way. 

Why order with us?

The Experience Begins At Home

We put a clear focus on providing excellent customer service. To achieve this, we understand that customer satisfaction doesn’t start upon arrival in Thailand. Great customer service should start when a tourist opens our website or browse through our pages. This is why we take pride in putting only factual information on our website to help you make decisions.  

Why order with us?

No Questions Unanswered

In many cases, tourists may need to wait for some time before they are given the answers to their queries. At Thailandos, we strive to eliminate long waiting periods by giving every traveller a range of channels where they can get in touch with our team. This system helps ensure that every customer’s queries are answered in a timely manner.

Why order with us?

We Are Thailandos

We connect with locals in selecting the best activities, hotels and places to promote on our website. In this way, we ensure that we are only vetting experiences that you can try out for yourself. 

Why order with us?

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