Koh Kood Island

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Koh Kood Island – Overview

Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood Island is a small island in the Andaman Sea, located near the southeastern Trat province. A popular destination for day-trippers from Phuket and nearby islands, Koh Kood offers a range of activities: scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing, and more.

Also known as “The Little Hawaii” because of the many similarities between it and the Hawaiian islands, this island boasts beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and delicious food. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand and that’s no surprise given its incredible nature, activities, and vibrant atmosphere.

If you’re planning on spending your holidays on the island, here’s everything you need to know.

When To Go To Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood’s tropical monsoon climate makes it an ideal spot to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful beaches. There are also two main seasons: the rainy season and the warm season.

Each season has its own benefits and cons, which we will outline below.

Rainy Season

The monsoon season also called the low season runs between April and November. During this time, there is limited boat service to Koh Kood as tourists arrive less frequently. If you’re planning to go to Koh Kood, you have to plan around the lack of consistent transportation to the island.

The average high temperatures between April and November range from 27 to 29 degrees. During the night, temperatures are between 24 to 26 degrees.

Warm Season

The warm season, which runs from November to February, is the best time to lounge on the beach and swim in the island’s surrounding waters. The warm season brings with it average high temperatures of up to 28 degrees and low nighttime temperatures of 24 degrees.

If you’re visiting Koh Kood during the warm season, do remember that it’s the busiest time of the year, which means you’d likely find yourself queueing for a place on the boat trip to the island if you don’t book ahead of time.

Best Time To Visit Koh Kood Island

November – February

The warm season is considered the peak season, which means resort and hotel prices will likely double or triple their cost. If you don’t book your room months ahead, you may struggle to find a room.

Koh Kood Island

Key events:

  • Loy Krathong Festival
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Makha Buccha Day

April – November

In contrast to the peak season, accommodation prices are much lower. Tourists are also less frequent, which means you won’t find it difficult to look for a room if you haven’t booked ahead.

Having said that, rain is a frequent occurrence during this season, making swimming less of a viable option.

Koh Kood Island

Key events:

  • Songkran Festival
  • Loy Krathong Festival
  • Khao Pansa Day

Getting To Koh Kood Island

Before anything else, there’s no airport in Koh Kood, making it impossible to fly to the island. In addition, there are no bridges connecting Koh Kood to the mainland, which means it’s completely unreachable by cars.

There are only two ways to get to Koh Kood: ferry or speedboat.

The boats depart from Trat province, which is about six hours away by bus from Bangkok.

By Ferry

Koh Kood Island

There are three main ferries in Trat province: Boonsori, Ko Kut Express, and Koh Kood Princess. The three companies own ticket offices near the ferry pier.

During the high season, the first boats leave Trat province at 9 a.m., and the last trip leaves at 3 p.m. Therefore, if you’re coming from Bangkok, you may need to travel overnight to make sure you get on the first boat.

Boats run daily all year round but offer an incredibly reduced service during the monsoon season. Ticket prices range from 350 to 600 THB per person. You’ll find a detailed timetable and schedule for the different boat services on

By Speedboat

If you’re willing to shell out a bit more cash, you can hire a speedboat to take you from Trat province to Koh Kood. There are three reliable speedboat operators in Trat: Siriwhite and Laem Sok Group, Koh Kood Fantasea Catamaran, and Ko Kut Express.

Both Siriwhite and Koh Kood Fantasea pick you up from your hotel in Trat and drop you off at the Laem Sok pier where you board a speedboat. The boat will drop you off as close as possible to your accommodation in Koh Kood. Both companies charge 600 THB and take about an hour to get to the island.

The cheapest option of the three is the speedboat offered by Ko Kut Express. The boat trip takes 15 minutes longer but only costs 350 THB per person. The company will pick you up from the market in Trat and take you to Laem Sok Pier. From there, you will board a boat and get off at the main pier in Koh Kood where a vehicle is waiting to transport you to various accommodations on the island.

Getting Around Koh Kood Island

The best way to get around Koh Kood is by renting a motorbike or a scooter. There are several scooter rental stalls dotting the island. Most hotels and resorts also offer motorbike rental services for their guests.

The price for renting a motorbike at the time of writing is around 300 THB per day. However, you can bring the price down to 250 THB if you’re renting the scooter for more days.

Where to Stay Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood has plenty of beaches, all of which offer a different charm. Every location also offers a different vibe, some are perfect for families, and others are more catered toward adventurers.

Yai Kee Beach & Soneva Kiri Beach

Koh Kood Island

These beaches are located in the northwest of Koh Kood Island, which is quite a distance from the nearest souvenir shops and restaurants.

Soneva Kiri is the most expensive resort on the island and has one beach inside the resort that guests can use. There used to be a beach outside but it has since been abandoned, along with the beach restaurant located in that section.

Yai Kee Beach, on the other hand, is located near the beautiful Baan Makok resort—a small eco-friendly hideaway accommodation that is built from recycled wood in a mangrove estuary. It is also located near the larger Captain Hook Resort, which sits on the opposite side of the river mouth.

The Catch

Both Soneva Kiri Beach and Yai Kee Beach can be hard to reach. The latter is only accessible via a sandy track from the main road. In addition to that, Captain Hook Resort can only be accessed by swimming or kayaking to the other side of the river mouth.

Klong Mad Beach

Koh Kood Island

Klong Mad Beach is a small strip of sand located outside Suanya Resort and nearby a small fishing village that offers guests an insight into how local fishermen live. In addition, the village also features a couple of small restaurants and coffee shops selling local eats.

The Catch

There is not much to do on the beach. The sandy strip is also not worth visiting on its own.

Ao Tapao Beach

Koh Kood Island

Ao Tapao Beach is the longest sandy strip on the island. Until a few years ago, there were only two resorts on the beach, namely Shantaa and Koh Kood Cabana. In recent years, however, the beach has seen a number of developments, and with it came three newer resorts: Koh Kood Paradise Beach, Medee Resort, and the Sea Far Resort.

Near Ao Tapao Beach Is the Khlong Hin Dam village, which boasts a temple as well as Koh Kood’s hospital, bank, and police station.

The Catch

Apart from staying at the resorts, there are no other places on the beach that are quite developed. However, south of Sea Far Resort sits a quiet, undeveloped beach where you can lounge without worrying about the crowd.

Ao Noi Beach

Koh Kood Island

Ao Noi Beach is a small beach with just one resort, the Ao Noi Resort. That being said, the beach offers guests a picturesque setting, with a lovely little bay and powdery white sand.

The Catch

This lovely little beach can only be accessed by a dirt track through woodland, the entrance to which can be found just a kilometer north of Klong Chao Beach.

Khlong Chao Beach

Koh Kood Island

Considered the tourist center of the island, Khlong Chao Beach offers guests a mix of luxury beachfront resorts and affordable family-friendly accommodations located a few minutes away from the main road and river mouth.

There are a handful of shops and restaurants selling locally-made souvenirs and dishes. There is also an ATM near the beach.

The Catch

Due to the beach’s popularity, it is highly likely that you will face crowds of tourists during the high season. If you’re visiting Koh Kood during its peak months, be sure to book your hotel months in advance.

Ngamkho Beach

Nestled beyond small rolling hills, Ngamkho Beach is an unspoiled beach lined with plenty of coconut trees and hammocks. There are three resorts in the area, S Beach Resort in the north, Dusita Resort in the center, and Ngamkho Resort in the far south.

Ngamkho Beach is also home to the Nom Khon Station, a quaint riverside shack that serves the best pancakes, smoothies, and coffee.

The Catch

The majority of Ngamkho Beach is undeveloped, which means there are a lot of rocks in the area, especially as you head further south.

Bangbao Beach

Koh Kood Island

This stunning horseshoe-shaped bay is perhaps one of the most popular beaches on Koh Kood Island. As such, hotel prices are likely higher here than in other places.

That being said, Bangbao Beach is an idyllic spot, especially during the low tide. Additionally, there are a few good restaurants found along the main road, including the incredible “Chiang Mai” restaurant and “Fisherman’s Hut.”

The Catch

There are two downsides to staying at Bangbao Beach.

First, resort owners typically increase prices for room accommodations, especially during the high season. However, only a few resorts make the effort to renovate their rooms or ensure their staff remains well-trained. Second, most of the beach disappears underwater during high tide.

AO Phrao beach

Located on the southernmost tip of Koh Kood, Ao Phrao Beach is regarded as one of the top beaches on the island. This brilliant strip of white sand is ideal for people who love lounging under the sun.

There are four resorts sitting on Ao Phrao Beach, the newest of which is the Rest Sea Resort located on the far western side. If you’re traveling on a tighter budget, there are a couple of affordable guesthouses in the small fishing community nearby.

The Catch

The wind blows often, which means the sea gets very rough. Ao Phrao Beach also sees a large crowd, most of whom are on short package tours.

Things to Do In Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood has an incredible variety of activities to do and places to visit. Many of these experiences are unique to the island, such as scuba diving classes and island hopping. There’s something for every type of traveler in Koh Kood, regardless of whether you’re looking for calm and peace or a fun adventure.

Travel To neighboring Islands

Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood is a beautiful island in Thailand. However, it is also surrounded by other islands that boast views as incredible as you would get in Koh Kood.

Each island neighboring Koh Kood has its own charm. There’s Koh Wai, a tiny primitive island where travelers live completely off the grid; Koh Mak, an island paradise getaway with small boutiques and elegant bungalows; and Koh Chang, an island with an elephant-shaped headland that houses jungle-covered mountain peaks and sweeping bays.

Go Scuba Diving

Koh Kood Island

Have you always wondered what the world under the sea looks like? Have you always wanted to wade through the waves and swim with vibrant fishes? You can do all that and learn how to scuba dive at the same time when you visit Koh Kood. There are three great scuba diving schools on the island.

  • Koh Kood Divers
  • Paradise Divers
  • BB Divers

Explore the Island’s magnificent waterfalls

If you’ve explored Koh Kood’s incredible underwater world and still want more taste of nature, you’re in luck. The island boasts some of the most magnificent waterfalls in Thailand. Some can easily be accessed by taking vehicles on the main road. Others, however, would require you to hike a bit.

That being said, the waterfalls and their beautiful surroundings are well worth the effort.

  • Klong Chao Waterfall
  • Huang Nam Keaw Waterfall (Secret Waterfall)
  • Klong Yai Ki Waterfall
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