Sim cards and mobile internet

Sim Cards and Mobile Internet in Thailand

Traveling to Thailand and not sure where or how to get internet while in the country? We are here to help you.

Thailand, especially Bangkok, is known to have some of the fastest internet speeds in the world. You can find free wifi at cafes, public places, and shopping malls in Thailand but it is always better to have mobile internet of your own for certain.

Here’s some brief information about the tourist sim card and internet:

Sim cards and mobile internet

Sim Card and Internet Providers in Thailand for Tourists

These providers offer various services and packages that cater to your travel plan.

• TrueMove

TureMove offers many packages for short-term visits. From unlimited 5G internet and call for 8 days to 30 days with prices ranging from 299 Baht to 1,199 Baht.

• Dtac

Dtac also offers internet packages starting from an 8-day package with unlimited 15-GB internet at 299 Baht to a Pay-As-You-Go package where you need to top up the credit as you use it.


AIS is widely used among locals. However, they also offer tourist sim card options starting from 299 Baht for their 8 Days Plan to 899 Baht for their 30 Days Plan.

Note that these packages also have other privileges such as free calls, access to certain apps, and more.

Where You Can Get These Tourist Sim Cards

Tourist sim cards are easy to find. You can find them at:

Suvarnabhumi Airport
Don Mueang International Airport
Phuket International Airport
7/11 Stores
BTS Sky Train Stations
Provider’s Official Store/Booth

What You Need When Purchasing a Sim Card

Sim cards and mobile internet

Your valid passport or ID.

Whether you are on a short or long trip in Thailand, your passport will be needed for identification purposes when you need to register for something.

Having mobile internet to connect while traveling can help you enjoy your journey more. It can be used for many useful purposes such as online maps, navigation, translation, browsing for travel information, and letting your loved ones know you are safe. We wish you the best trip to Thailand!

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