Travel Insurance: Your Safety Net for Thailand Adventures

Travel Insurance

Whether you are planning a short or long trip to Thailand, purchasing travel insurance is essential. Medical treatments in Thailand are generally cheaper without insurance but cheaper does not mean cheap. The bills can still be expensive, especially if you get treatments from a private hospital.

It is important to make sure that you have enough funds for unexpected medical bills. A minor injury can cost from 500 – 2,000 Baht.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

• Medical Bills

Travel insurance generally covers all medical treatments including emergencies while traveling in the country.

• Lost or Damaged Luggage 

• Canceled Flights

The insurance covers canceled flights when not caused by the airline. 

• Covid-19

When diagnosed with Covid-19 or denied boarding because of the symptoms, travel insurance usually covers all medical bills related to it.

• Lost or Damaged Personal Belongings and Itinerary

Such as passports, delayed flights, missed flights, and sometimes pocket money.

Note that not all travel insurance covers the same categories. Do check with the insurance company for what they cover and go from there! 🙂 

What Travel Insurance is Recommended for Tourists in Thailand?

We recommend you get global travel insurance in case Thailand is not the only country on your travel list. However, travel insurance in Thailand should cover up to 1.5 million Baht. 

There are travel insurance options such as packages for backpackers, families, and custom packages. Check with the travel insurance company to select a package suitable for you. 

The travel insurance fees can start from as low as 999 Thai Baht. It is always better to have it than not have it and need it.

Recommended Travel Insurance Companies



Common Medical Incidents to Be Aware of

• Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are extremely common in Thailand. They are typically caused by bad weather, damaged roads, unfamiliarity with the roads, or the driver’s carelessness. Always wear a thick helmet and watch out for the surroundings.

•  Mosquitoes

Thailand is a tropical country with quite high humidity. Therefore, mosquitoes are quite common. You can contract a virus or sickness from mosquitoes. Although that is unlikely, it is still possible. Make sure to always have mosquito repellent.

• Sunburn

The sun in Thailand can be quite harsh and cause sunburn. Sunburn can be painful and you may have to seek medical attention. Always wear sunscreen with 50+++ SPF.

• Food Poisoning

Not that food in Thailand is poisonous or not clean, but Thai food can be foreign and unfamiliar to those who are not used to it. Thai food is generally spicy and flavorful. It can cause stomach pain and issues for someone not used to the spices and foreign ingredients.

You can say ‘Mai Ped Ka/Krub’ when ordering food in Thailand, which translates to ‘not spicy, please’. The word ‘Ka’ at the end is for women and ‘Krub is for men.

Do not forget to purchase travel insurance in case of health emergencies. Whether you are traveling to Thailand only or to other countries, it is always better to know that you are covered.

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