How to pack for your trip

What To Pack For Your Trip to Thailand

If you’re traveling to Thailand for the first time, packing and getting everything ready for your trip can be stressful. Thailand is a magnificent country full of wonders and there are essential things you want to bring with you.

In this article, we will guide you through the perfect packing list for a smooth and prepared journey in Thailand.

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5 Necessities to Pack for Thailand

1. Documents

How to pack for your trip

Passport and Visa

The most important thing when traveling is a passport. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months and make sure your visa status is valid also (if needed).

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is another essential thing to have while traveling in Thailand. In case of emergencies or accidents, the travel insurance will have you covered.

Proof of Covid-19 Vaccinations

Foreign visitors may no longer need to present their proof of Covid-19 vaccinations but bring it anyway. Better to be safe than sorry.

2. Travel and Personal Care

How to pack for your trip


Thailand is a tropical country and is warm all year round. Naturally, the Sun in Thailand is quite strong. So, do not forget to pack a few of your favorite SPF50+ sunscreen.

Aloe Vera Gel

If you get burned, aloe vera cream will help soothe the burn. You can purchase it from your home country or at any pharmacy and convenient store in Thailand.

Shampoo and Conditioner

If you need a certain kind of shampoo or conditioner and not sure if Thailand has them, bringing you the products you use can prevent your hair from being damaged by using a different product it’s not used to. Especially those with curly hair. The majority of Thai people have straight hair therefore it can be hard to find products specifically for curly hair.

Mosquito Repellent

Because Thailand is a tropical country with a high humidity of around 60 – 70% on average, mosquitos can be quite an issue, especially in the monsoon season. Remember to pack a few bottles of mosquito repellent or purchase one at any convenience store in Thailand.

Toilet Paper and Wet Wipes

Should you face a situation where the toilet paper has run out, it is better to have your own ready. Wet wipes will also come in handy when you are sweating from the heat.


Make sure to have all the necessary first aid supplies with you including medication for headaches, stomach issues, and travel sicknesses.


When sweating and overheating, pack some electrolytes solutions with you to help your body hydrate and keep your body water stabilized.

3. Clothing

How to pack for your trip


The Sun in Thailand can sometimes be harsh, wearing sunglasses will help protect your eyes in the hot sunlight.


To avoid Sun damage that may occur, bring a hat for when you are outside exploring on a sunny day.

Sandals/ Flip Flops

Sandals are just more comfortable and easier to walk around, especially on a hot day at the beach. If you can’t find sandals in your country, there are many shops in Thailand that sell them.

Appropriate Clothes for When You Visit A Temple

All Thai nationals and tourists have to follow a dress code when visiting a temple in Thailand to show respect to the place.

For women, appropriate clothing such as a long skirt, long trousers, and a shirt that covers your shoulders are important. Shorts and short skirts are not allowed.

As for men, a polite t-shirt and long pants are acceptable but sleeveless shirts and shorts are not allowed.

However, you can still buy these appropriate clothes at the entrance of the temples. They usually consist of traditional Thai skirts and the infamous elephant pants.

Hiking Shoes

There are many places in Thailand where you can go on a beautiful hike. Be prepared for all kinds of trail conditions by packing a pair of good-quality hiking shoes.

Raincoat and Umbrella

If you are traveling in Thailand during the monsoon season (July-October), you can expect unpredictable heavy rainfalls at any time of day. Packing a raincoat or an umbrella will help you to at least be able to continue your activities.

Light Clothes

Do bring more light clothes than warm clothes. The average temperatures in Thailand range between 25 to 40°C (77 to 104°F). So, with lighter clothes, your body temperature is not too high and it’s easier for you to enjoy your day. You may only use your warm clothes when traveling on a plane or a bus with air conditioning.

4. Gadget and Gizmos

How to pack for your trip


The plug sockets used in Thailand are types A, B, C, F, O. If you are traveling from Europe or a country with different socket types, make sure to purchase adapters of these types or a universal adapter.

Tourist Sim Card

You can actually purchase a tourist sim card in Thailand. There are many providers to choose from such as AIS, TrueMove, and Dtac. They offer different packages at different rates for both internet and phone calls.

Portable Charger (Power Bank)

Remember to bring a portable charger, otherwise also known as Power Bank, on your trip. It will certainly come in handy when you go outside to explore or travel around the country.

Waterproof Camera

If you go on an island trip, bringing a waterproof camera with you to take memorable photos of life under the sea is an excellent idea.


Other than your phone, bringing your laptop is also essential. Having a backup tool is better than nothing at all.

Locks and Keys

For travel safety, do not forget to pack locks and keys for your personal belongings. Thailand is a safe country but always make sure to stay safe and cautious.

5. Miscellaneous

How to pack for your trip

• Tote Bags for Day to Day Activities

• Headphones

• Bags for Wet Clothes

• Earplugs

• Offline Google Maps on Your Phone

• Offline Google Translate on Your Phone

• Debit and Credit Cards

• Good-quality Backpack

• Fanny Pack

These are some of the main packing essentials for Thailand. Of course, you can add more things to bring with you and we are certain you will be just fine in this tropical paradise of a country! Hope this helps and have a wonderful trip!

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