A Hidden Gem Along The Coastline

Khao Lak Overview

Khao Lak

Erased by a devastating tsunami in 2004, Khao Lak has rebounded to become one of the best tourist-oriented areas in Thailand. The beautiful resort village offers tons of exciting activities while remaining one of the country’s quieter and more secluded coastal destinations. This makes it a popular tourist destination for families and solo travellers looking to get away from the nightlife and the rush of city living.

When To Go To Khao Lak

Like other islands in Thailand, Khao Lak has a tropical climate with a very distinct dry and wet season. The annual monsoons heavily influence the climate in Khao Lak.

Khao Lak weather consists of three seasons: the rainy season, dry season and hot season.

Rainy Season (Wet Season)

From June to October, the weather in Khao Lak is marked by light to heavy rain storms. However, the most rain often peaks in September and October, which experiences heavy downfalls because of the monsoon season.

Rainfall in Khao Lak typically occurs in the late afternoon or early evening. However, most are short in duration. During the rainy months, Khao Lak has an average of 20 sunny days monthly and around 6 hours of sunshine daily.

Despite the chance of heavy showers, Khao Lak’s temperatures remain warm. During the wettest month, the average temperatures remain around 29 degrees, with highs reaching 33 degrees. In the evenings, the average temperature falls to just 24 degrees.
















Warm Season (Dry Season)

From November to February, Khao Lak experiences dry weather, also known as the high season of tourism. These are the best months for tourists looking to visit the region as the weather is pleasantly warm, making it perfect for spending a relaxing day at the beach.

While the climate is drier during these months, January is the warmest month of the year, with only three wet days, on average.

During the peak season, high temperatures average around 28 to 34 degrees. However, the lowest average temperature can fall to 23 degrees in the evenings.

While the temperature in Khao Lak, Thailand, feels hot and relentless during the dry season, the water temperature, which averages 27 degrees at this time, can help holiday makers cool down in the sea.

Despite the great weather, tourists are advised to wear sun screen and stay hydrated.













Transitional Period

The hottest time to visit Khao Lak is from March to May when the blazing sun beats down the region for up to 9 hours a day. The average temperatures during these months reach a high of 34 degrees. At night, temperatures do not fall below 23 degrees. The water temperature is also the hottest and can rise to 29 degrees. Along with high temperatures, Khao Lak also experiences high humidity levels. This may make tourists feel unbearably sticky.

Apart from the hot weather, the months of March to May also see wet thundershowers that occur in long intervals. The wet weather peaks in May.










Best Time To Visit Khao Lak

November – February

The region will be at its busiest time of year, which means the prices for accommodations and activities will be at their highest. Additionally, it is also the ideal time to travel to nearby Khao Sok National Park or the Similan and Surin Islands to partake in snorkelling and diving activities as well as get a great view of the beautiful coral reefs.

Key events:

Light Offering Ceremony, annually held at Wat Kositaram and features local shows, sports and games

His Majesty the King’s Birthday, happens annually in December and commemorates the birth of Kind Rama IX.

Amazing Phang-Nga Festival, a ceremony that features entertainment, cultural shows and local sports competitions

June – October

As the South West monsoon arrives in Khao Lak, so does slightly cooler temperatures and frequent rainy days. While the rain can put off guests from enjoying trips to the beach, it can be the perfect weather for people who enjoy outdoor attractions and exploring the city. Additionally, the prices of hotels and activities are much lower at this time of the year.

If you do plan to visit Khao Lak during the low season, it is advisable to check the weather forecasts before planning a trip.

Khao Lak

Key events:

Watermelon Day, an annual event where travellers are treated to the freshest watermelons

Vegetarian Festival, celebrating the belief that abstinence from meat will help improve health and peace of mind

Tay Kra Chat Festival, an annual tradition where people can partake in religious activities and a unique offering ceremony

Getting To Khao Lak

Khao Lak is one of the most peaceful and famous resort destinations in the Phang Nga province. The beautiful coastal area is home to three national parks and several crystal beaches.

Despite Khao Lak being a top tourist destination in Thailand, the nearest airport is Phuket International Airport. Even then, the Phuket Airport is an hour’s drive away. Tourists who are not looking to fly to Phuket can also fly to Krabi.

There are many transportation options available for travellers looking for a relaxing escape. Here’s how to get to Khao Lak.

From Phuket

Khao Lak By Plane

The easiest way to get to Khao Lak is by flying by plane to the airport in Phuket town. Upon landing, you can take an airport taxi or bus from the airport to Khao Lak.

Khao Lak
Khao Lak
Khao Lak
Khao Lak
Khao Lak
Khao Lak

Khao Lak By Taxi

Taxi service from Phuket airport to Khao Lak could cost you around 1,000 to 1,800 Thai Baht (THB). However, the price may still change depending on the number of people and the location in Khao Lak where you want to be dropped off.

Most taxi companies offer the same price when travelling to tourist destinations in Thailand. For example, a trip from the airport to Khao Lak could cost 1,900 THB.

Taxis are considered the safest and most comfortable transfer services from Phuket to Khao Lak. Official airport taxis typically have yellow and red coloured vehicles with a yellow rooftop sign.

Khao Lak By Car

If you plan to rent a private vehicle in Phuket, you can easily drive to Khao Lak. The trip will take approximately an hour and a half.

From Phuket, take route 402 and over the bridge to Phang Nga town. Then, turn onto Highway 4, heading towards Thai Muang and Thap Lamu. Once you pass La On Village, you will reach the beautiful Khao Lak.

We do understand that this route may not always be the best way to Khao Lak. This is why we recommend downloading apps such as Google Maps or Maps.Me. Google Maps shows real-time data, such as traffic or road accidents. Maps.Me can be used on the road even when offline.

Khao Lak

Khao Lak By Bus

If you wish to travel by bus from Phuket, you may need to take at least two buses to get to Khao Lak.

You will have to take a bus to the Terminal 2 station in Phuket from the airport. From the bus terminal, you board a Khao Lak bus. In total, the direct bus to Khao Lak should take at least 3 hours of travel time.

Buses from Phuket airport are available in intervals. After one leaves, the next bus could become available after one to three hours, depending on the time of the day.

A one-way transfer service from Phuket airport to the bus terminal may cost 115 THB. A bus ticket from Terminal 2 to Khao Lak will cost an additional 115 THB.

Khao Lak

From Krabi

Khao Lak By Taxi

From Krabi airport, a taxi ride could take about 2.5 hours to 3 hours to get to Khao Lak. This is the fastest mode of transportation available.

The entire trip may cost you between 2,500 to 3,200 THB.

Khao Lak By Minibus

A minibus or minivan is the perfect option for families or small groups. Travel times range between 3.5 to 4.5 hours, depending on where in Krabi you depart.

Khao Lak

Travelling by minibus is the cheapest transfer option from Krabi to Khao Lak. Typically, minibus companies would charge 400 THB per person.

Getting Around Khao Lak

There are two categories of transportation options available to the people in the Khao Lak area: a vehicle where you are the driver and a vehicle where you let others do the driving for you. We will go over all the available options here.

Khao Lak

Khao Lak Car Rental

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Khao Lak

Khao Lak Motorbike Rentals

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Khao Lak

Khao Lak Taxis

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Khao Lak

Khao Lak Songthaew

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Where To Stay In Khao Lak

The name “Khao Lak” means “Lak Mountain,” which is literally what tourists get when they visit this small coastal resort town settled on the Andaman Sea. Khao Lak beach sits just below a heavily forested mountain area overlooking the emerald sea.

In general, Khao Lak is a tourist-oriented destination, but it is much quieter than other places in the Phang Nga province and the rest of Thailand. Additionally, some tourists choose only to pass Khao Lak to go to the Similan Islands and Surin Islands for scuba diving activities. However, Khao Lak is definitely a gem of its own.

There are three main areas where you can stay in Khao Lak.

Bang Lah On (Bang Lah Own)

Khao Lak

Bang Lah On is, perhaps, the most tourist-oriented Khao Lak beach. The white sand beach features a wide range of bars, dive shops, massage parlours, restaurants and souvenir shops. It is also home to the best hotels in Khao Lak. The area is closest to Hat Nang Thong Beach.

Why choose Bang Lah On?

The coastline village is littered with small officers and tour operator kiosks offering a variety of outdoor activities. These include snorkelling and scuba diving at Surin and Similan Islands and hiking, mountain biking and bungee jumping excursions in the nearby Khao Lak national park.

The Catch

Generally, room prices are the highest along Bang Lah On.

Bang Niang Beach

Khao Lak

Bang Niang Beach in Khao Lak, Thailand, is the busiest beach in the area. This is primarily due to the many sports activities tourists can partake in along the coastline. If you fancy playing volleyball or football, you will likely find some locals playing by the shoreline.

Why choose Bang Niang Beach?

Stretching 300 meters along the Andaman Sea, Bang Niang also features a line of beachfront hotels and resorts sitting alongside Thai massage huts, food stalls and beach bars. It also offers tons of sun loungers for tourists looking to relax under the heat of the sun.

Bang Niang gives travellers hoping to do some shopping a trove of makeshift shops selling local delicacies, fashion accessories, silk and other handmade merchandise.

Khao Lak hotels situated in the area offer lower prices than those found in Bang Lah On.

The Catch

Bang Niang can get filled with tourists, especially during the high season.

Khuk Khak Beach

Khao Lak

Khuk Khak Beach is a quiet area nestled just 10 minutes away from Bang Lah On beach. The area is perfect for families and solo travellers looking for clean, soft and sandy beaches that offer affordable restaurant and accommodation options.

Why choose Khuk Khak Beach?

Apart from the serenity, the area is dotted with local shops where Thais and foreign travellers alike can purchase everyday items.

Families with children can also enjoy spending hours just walking along the beach and looking at the variety of beautiful seashells tucked in the sand. However, the real selling point of the Khuk Khak beach is the spectacular sunset at the end of the day.

Accommodation prices are the lowest at Khuk Khak beach.

The Catch

There is not much to do on Khuk Khak beach besides swimming and lounging under the sun. Therefore, travellers looking to participate in active sports and water activities are better off going to Bang Lah On or Bang Niang.

Things To Do In Khao Lak

When looking for a place to explore the wonders of the Andaman Sea, the Khao Lak coast—situated along Phang Nga Bay—is an excellent option for people looking for fewer crowds. Due to its location, the Khao Lak area became a popular destination for tourists looking to hop on a long-tail boat to partake in day trips or spend time basking under the sun on the white sand beach.

There are many things to do in this Phang Nga province gem, including visiting the Khao Lak night market and the majestic Cheow Lan Lake. There’s always a little bit of something for everyone visiting the coastline.

Here are some things to do: Khao Lak edition.

Explore the Beauty of Nature

There is a wide range of Khao Lak activities that offers you the chance to experience the nature surrounding the resort village. Many tour kiosks offer day trip packages to various nearby areas. These include the Similan Island, considered to be a scuba diving mecca in Khao Lak, and the iconic towering limestone islands watching over Phang Nga Bay.

  • Khao Lak Mangrove Forests Explorers
  • Royal Thai Navy Sea Turtle Conservation Center
  • Similan Islands and Surin Islands Snorkelling Trip
  • Jungle Trekking to Khao Lak Waterfalls
  • Hong Island and Cave by Canoe tour

Partake In Amazing Excursions

Are you feeling a little bit more adventurous? People who visit Khao Lak without partaking in thrilling excursions miss out on half the fun. Tucked away from Khao Lak beaches are tons of activities that can make your blood race. Apart from swimming under the might of the Ton Pling Waterfall and Chong Fa Waterfall, tourists are offered the chance to explore the tropical jungles of Khao Lak on 4x4s, rafts and through ziplines.

  • James Bond Island and Khai Island Service Trip From Khao Lak
  • The Lost Amazon & Old Town Private Tour
  • Off-Road Safari Trip in Khao Lak
  • White-water Rafting and Ziplining
  • Khao Sok National Park Wildlife Tour

Lounge Under The Sun

Khao Lak would never be called one of the best tourist-oriented villages in Thailand without its well-known white sandy beaches. What’s more, you don’t have to settle for just one beach in Khao Lak. With their close proximities to each other, it’s easy for tourists to go beach hopping. For example, you can go from Khuk Khak Beach in the south of Khao Lak to Bang La On in the north in less than one hour!

It can be pretty overwhelming to choose where to set down your blankets. So we created a list of beaches in Khao Lak where you can spend hours lounging under the sun.

  • Bang La On Beach
  • Khao Lak Beach
  • Bang Niang Beach
  • Bang Sak Beach
  • Nang Thong Beach
  • Pak Weep Beach
  • Coconut Beach

Travel Guides

Khao Lak Travel Tips: Frequently Asked Questions

General Question

How do you get to Khao Lak?

Travellers hoping to go to Khao Lak would have to fly to the Phuket International Airport or Krabi Airport. From there, they can take a number of transportation options to enter Phang Nga Province, where the quaint resort village is located. Tourists hoping to take a taxi from Phuket Airport or Krabi Airport may see travel times of up to two hours.

What are the best beaches in the Khao Lak area?

There are several white sand beach options you can choose from in Khao Lak. In addition, some of the Khao Lak beaches are located within walking distance of the next beach, making it the ideal destination for beach hoppers.

Here are some of the best beaches in Khao Lak:
Bang La On Beach – Khao Lak Beach – Bang Niang Beach – Bang Sak Beach – Nang Thong Beach – Pak Weep Beach – Coconut Beach

What are the best things to do in Khao Lak, Thailand?

The beautiful resort village always has something for every type of Khao Lak explorer.

People who feel adventurous can trek through the jungles in Khao Sok National Park, Lam Ru National Park, and Khao Lak National Park. You could also go elephant riding and see beautiful Khao Lak and national parks from a different perspective.

Those who visit Khao Lak to bathe in the crystalline waters of the Andaman coast or go scuba diving can take a tour boat to Surin Islands, Similan Islands, and James Bond Island.

No holiday will be complete without tasting authentic Thai food and experiencing the most amazing Thai massage. If you are a Khao Lak explorer looking for the full holiday package, you should definitely add these activities to your itinerary:

Thai Cuisine Cooking Classes – Bang Niang Market Food Tour – Street Food Tour At Khao Lak Night Market – Boxing Day – International Tsunami Museum (Tsunami Memorial)

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and daring, you could also try Bang Niang Market’s famous grilled insects.

What time zone is Khao Lak, Thailand in?

Khao Lak follows UTC +07 or GMT +7.

What currency does Khao Lak use?

Khao Lak, as well as the rest of Thailand, uses Thai Baht currency.

What are the languages spoken in Thailand?

In general, locals only speak Thai and a little bit of English. However, there are near-native English speakers at beach resorts and tourist hotels.

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